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Manish Singh


Manish Singh, PhD, serves as Managing Director of Molecule Capital, LLC, a medical and technology focused fund. Previously, R. Manish Singh served as Chairman and CEO of Iovance Biotherapeutics, an immunotherapy company focused on multiple solid cancers and as CEO of ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd., where he was instrumental in developing a platform for dendritic cell-based vaccines targeting cancer stem cells.

Prior to that, Dr. Singh served as director at the venture capital firm California Technology Ventures, where he managed investments in a number of medical device and biotechnology firms while serving as a board director or observer for several of the firm’s portfolio companies. Earlier in his career, Dr. Manish Singh held various management and scientific positions at Cell Genesys, Chiron Corporation and Genetic Therapy, Inc. Dr. Singh holds an MBA from University of California Los Angeles and a PhD in chemical and biochemical engineering from the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  

During his time in graduate school, the new technology to manipulate genes of cells whether plants or animals or humans was just in the beginning stages. Dr. Manish Singh’s focus at that time was on designing new drug delivery systems for new medicines. He saw gene therapy as a way to fix diseases at the most fundamental level by changing the blue-print of the cells. Upon finishing his post-doctoral work at American Red Cross’s laboratory for blood research, Dr. Singh had two offers  for scientific positions. One was from Merck and second from a tiny company in Maryland called Genetic Therapy Inc. He was so passionate about gene therapy that he declined the Merck offer to join this little company.

“My goal is to create virtual companies that can build on significant innovations taking place in immunology today by combining risk capital, great people and innovative products.”

Dr. Manish Singh

Dr. Manish Singh's Specialties
  • Business Development
  • Product Development
  • Strategy
  • Financing Early Stage Companies

“Even though I started working in this field 23 years ago, only now we are starting to come close to being able to edit genes in a precise and direct manner. The new technology of CRISPR allows you to precisely make edits on the chromosomes which has huge implications for human diseases. My passion over the last 12 years has been on oncology and we have gone through several iterations of new technologies to crack this mystery. 30 years ago we had no idea how immune system becomes dysfunctional in cancer patients. Now we have developed several new drugs that allow the immune system to be set free in these patients. Our future goal should be  to design individualized treatments for these cancer patients that are potentially curative. I was to be a part of this revolution.”

Dr. Manish Singh

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